The Importance of Financial Literacy with Vince Shorb

It’s fair to say that our education system is flawed, but that’s especially true when it comes to educating kids about money. Financial literacy still isn’t being taught in schools no matter how much we talk about it–and what you do learn is the same stuff that was being taught 20 or 30 years ago.

Today’s guest, Vince Shorb, is on a mission to change that. He’s the CEO of the National Financial Educators Council. After spending 15 years in financial services, he’s developed over 2500 financial education programs and is empowering students through financial literacy.

Vince’s work has been featured in publications on USA Today, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, CNN Money, MarketWatch, Fox Business, Huffington Post, NASDAQ, and Business Insider.

In today’s episode, we explore why we have this problem with our education system, how families can teach financial literacy before their kids make major mistakes later in life, and why financial education is so much more than management and budgeting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why financial education programs aren’t changing or improving.
  • The mistakes Vince made in his early twenties that showed him the need for his life’s work.
  • How to teach young people to shake the influence of advertising and live in alignment with their values.
  • What Vince is doing to take financial education beyond simply knowing how to balance a budget.
  • How moving to a cashless society encourages bad decisions.

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