Understanding Cybersecurity: Tips and Strategies to Protect Your Data and Your Finances

In 2018, security and cyber breaches are no longer a matter of if - they’re a matter of when, and how protected you are. In fact, most people have already had some portion of their data or personal information compromised, but don’t yet know it.

Dan Konzon is the Vice President of Guidance and Information Technology at Advisor Armor - a cybersecurity firm especially for financial firms. Additionally, he’s spoken at Microsoft and taught parents and students about cybercrime and online best practices.

Just like planning for retirement or estate planning to protect your family, protecting yourself from cybercrime is ongoing. You can’t quite just fix things forever. However, there are many small, easy things you can do in order to empower yourself and stay much safer. Today, Dan joins the podcast to share information you may not know, as well as how to protect yourself from the bad guys for years to come.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • What is a phishing attack - and a quick and easy way to protect yourself against them in just seconds.
  • How to protect not just your home and office computers, but also your smart home and connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices, such as refrigerators and TVs, from being compromised by attackers.
  • Why you should use LastPass or another password manager to build strong passwords that can't be easily broken.
  • The simple reason you may not want to use social media to let strangers know you're on vacation.
  • What your children need to know about posting on social media.
  • Alternatives to Mint and other free financial aggregators - and why “free” isn’t always good.
  • What you need to know about staying secure while traveling - and the dangers of using public WiFi networks.

Complete Show Notes: bayntree.com/18

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