Wild Ride of Serial Entrepreneurship with Hydro Flask Founder Travis Rosbach

I’m thrilled to share this conversation with a truly remarkable guest, Travis Rosbach. Travis is a serial entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker and consultant.

From his humble beginnings, being raised in a home with very little money to the incredible entrepreneurial journey that has included time as a scuba diving instructor to driving yachts and flying planes, he’s come a long way.

Among his many accomplishments, Travis is the inventor and founder of Hydro Flask, one of the largest international brands in the industry today.

In this episode, you’ll hear what led Travis to pursue his passion in business, the origin story of how Hydro Flask was created, the early challenges they faced (even when business was booming), and why he believes entrepreneurs are the foundation for growth and prosperity in the US.

Key takeaways:

  • How a neighbor’s estate sale planted the seed and set him on a path to be a serial entrepreneur.
  • What led Travis to make Hawaii his home after experiencing burnout.
  • Overcoming the challenges of getting Hydro Flask to the production stage.
  • The challenges that are presented when business is skyrocketing with exponential growth.
  • Why Travis ultimately decided to sell Hydro Flask, despite enjoying tremendous success.
  • Where Travis finds motivation today and the types of business opportunities he’s pursuing.

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