The Mistakes Millionaires Make with Serial Entrepreneur Harry Clark

Harry Clark is a highly-rated serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He’s overseen sales of major companies, founded two Inc. 500 companies, and travels the world speaking to entrepreneurs, family businesses, and executives.

However, Harry has also learned some of the toughest lessons in business the hard way. In his book, Mistakes Millionaires Make, he tells the stories of 30 entrepreneurs - including himself - who each made and then subsequently lost $10 to $200 million. He’s on a mission to help others learn from his mistakes and discover what they don’t teach you in business school before it’s too late.

Today, Harry joins the podcast to share how he became a serial entrepreneur despite not having started several companies in his teens and early twenties, the importance of mentorship and great management, and the many similarities between selling a company and preparing for retirement.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How Harry found his first niche business, grew it to become the largest in the United States, and sold it to a Fortune 100 in just seven years.
  • Why arrogance and a lack of good advice led to Harry losing over $100 million of his own fortune between 2004 and 2005 - and why wealth is not a scorecard.
  • Why recovering from professional failure takes years, not months, and how this disaster set Harry down a new path in his life and work.
  • The reason you need to stick to your financial plans, even when external circumstances make you want to act otherwise.
  • Harry’s tips and strategies for surviving tough times - and why he believes that taking care of your mental and physical health is key to getting through.

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