SEO Secrets- Becoming an Authority in Your Niche with Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is the founder and CEO of Pearl Lemon - an award-winning SEO agency that outranks bigger, better-funded competitors. He’s a leader in helping people grow their businesses and cultivate online reputations, and his work has been featured in TedX talks, as well as on SEMRush, the Huffington Post, UpWork, and Woorank.

However, his journey to get there will surprise you - and includes the British equivalent of an Ivy League education, time spent as a tax consultant at Deloitte, pursuing a career as a rapper that led to him opening for legendary London rap crew Roll Deep, and creating tutoring companies and online education marketplaces.

Today, Deepak joins the podcast to dive deep into meaningful SEO strategies that won’t get you penalized by Google, the power of influencer marketing, how to make it easier than ever for your best possible clients to find you - no matter what industry you’re in.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How Deepak’s passion for music led to one of his first companies - and how he built a recording studio with over 200 clients nationwide in his mom's house on a shoestring budget.
  • What Deepak did to build his first business that he didn’t realize was teaching him everything he needed to know about search engines, building audiences, and connecting with prospects.
  • The major issues that businesses struggle with as they try to grow online - and how to become an expert, drive traffic, and attract your most ideal clients using a variety of different content strategies.
  • Why producing video content is now more important than ever - and why unpretentious, spontaneous video connects so well with people.
  • What you can do as a local business to improve your search engine rankings - and how to use data to refine and improve your processes.

You can visit Deepak here. If you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to rate and review, and send us all your questions at questions@bayntree.com - it may become the topic of an upcoming episode!

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