Into The Storm: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey with Ryan Madrid

Today, I’m talking to Ryan Madrid, co-founder of Bison Ventures and host of the Into The Storm Podcast. 

After leaving corporate America, he joined VIP Mortgage as the Director of Business Development. Before long he was bringing in one billion in mortgage loan sales on his way to being in the top 1% of mortgage lending in the area.

In this conversation, Ryan talks about his entrepreneurial journey with deep family roots, how Bison Ventures’ corporate culture has helped them become one of Phoenix’s leading mortgage companies, and the power of building a culture to create great client experiences. 

Key takeaways:
  • Why incredible customer service is key to weathering tough times in any industry.
  • The advice Ryan’s uncle gave him to help him leave corporate America and find his true calling. 
  • How Ryan survived tough personal times, left the corporate world, found his business partner, and got on a new track to success.
  • What differentiates Bison Ventures from other mortgage firms.
  • The humbling business challenges Ryan has faced in the last several years–and how he got through

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