How to Scale your Business with Chris Ronzio

Chris Ronzio is a serial entrepreneur.  As the founder and CEO of Trainual, he helps small and growing businesses document what they do, delegate roles, and create scalable operations manuals to centralize and teach their processes, roles, and responsibilities.

Before founding Trainual, Chris learned how to build and sell smart, scalable businesses, including a video production company he founded as a teenager that would go on to serve all 50 states. He also founded Organize Chaos, a firm dedicated to helping small businesses solve their problems.

Chris is also an Inc.com columnist, a speaker, and an investor. Today, he joins the podcast to share stories from his own life in business, but also to talk about the challenges so many entrepreneurs face when it comes to growth, company culture, focus, and technology - and the actionable steps you can take today to organize the chaos within your own organization.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How Chris started his first real, tax-paying business at the age of 14 in a Boston suburb, the moment he discovered a scalable model, and how learning to build that business naturally led to his second company.
  • Why a lack of process and discipline leads so many entrepreneurs to chase "shiny objects" - and how this impedes growth.
  • The reason every great company should have an instruction manual - and how Chris is making this happen through his current company.
  • Why you need a model that provides support for your failures - and how to protect yourself and maintain room to innovate.
  • The reasons so many entrepreneurs are scared of new technology - and the tools you should think about using to streamline your processes and take control of your inbox.

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