How to Empower Your Kids To Be Money Smart with John Lanza

Shortly after John Lanza’s first daughter was born, he and his wife decided that they wanted their children to be smart with money. With a background in animation, entertainment, and education, he set out to make learning about money fun.

To do this, he created the Money Mammals, which teaches sharing, saving, and spending smarts to children through videos, products, and resources. To help parents put these lessons into practice, he wrote The Art of Allowance: A Short, Practical Guide to Raising Money-Smart, Money-Empowered Kids.

Today, John joins the podcast to talk about his unique journey into childhood financial education, how he fills a much-needed educational niche for parents and kids alike, and how he’s working to teach children about the value of money in a world where so many people barely even touch cash.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • How John and his wife’s different upbringings and spending behaviors led him on a journey to teach his children to be intentional with money.
  • The moment John realized that other parents were facing the same challenges he was - and what he did about it.
  • Why John recommends you start your children on a physical allowance before they ever receive digital cash.
  • How the Money Mammals gradually, naturally, and organically became a sustainable business for John and his wife - and why the Great Recession was such an eye-opener that showed why financial literacy is more important than ever.
  • How to transition to breakthrough allowance when your children become teenagers - and have smart, productive conversations about money with your kids.
  • John’s advice for parents who want to teach their children about investing, college education, and the dangers of student debt.

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