How the 2024 Election Could Impact the Economy, Your Finances, and Your Retirement Savings

For many people, election years bring a lot of stress. That’s especially true in the most recent elections. Media coverage is 24/7, and there are new polls and promises in the headlines, which can cause uncertainty among investors.

So today, I’m jumping on the mic with John Gengle, a Financial Advisor at Bayntree Wealth, to discuss what history has taught us about previous election years and what to expect from this one. 

In our conversation, you’ll hear how changes to which party is in power rarely leads to a significant impact on the economy, how fixed-income investments have been undervalued, and how Congress plays a more critical role in our tax laws and economy than a new President.

Key takeaways:

  • What to expect if a Democrat or Republican President is elected.
  • Why campaign promises don’t always lead to sweeping economic changes.
  • The benefits that a divided congress has on economic policy.
  • How fixed income investments have been undervalued in recent years.

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