How Navy SEAL Tactics Can Make You a Better Business Leader

Most people aren’t born great leaders. However, there’s one organization that often produces incredible entrepreneurs and startup power players in the private sector - the Navy SEALs - and Jeff Boss is living proof.

After serving as a SEAL for 13 years, Jeff uses the principles he learned to help people build businesses, become better leaders, and find their purpose through leadership and team coaching.

Jeff knows how to persevere through challenges and adversity - even when faced with setbacks, do-overs, and disappointments. He helps team players thrive under chaos, position themselves for success, and build organizations that are efficient, powerful, and positioned to grow. He is a regular contributor to Forbes, the author of a new book called Navigating Chaos, and the host of a new podcast called Shut Up and Show Up - all of which are incredible resources for anyone looking to transform their business.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why great leadership skills are so hard to learn, no matter who you are or what your background is AND how to work together as an organization—even when faced with chaos.
  • How the Mission, Team, Individual flow system works in business to help teams become more efficient and use less resources.
  • What so many employees need from a leader in order to stay motivated. Don’t miss what Jeff’s own coach does for him and how he turned his fear of public speaking into a superpower!

If you enjoyed this podcast, click here to read the first chapter of Jeff’s book, Navigating Chaos, or click here to subscribe to his podcast, Shut Up and Show Up.

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