How Andrew The Home Buyer Became a Household Name with Kyle Wyloge

Anyone living in Arizona, Nevada, or Utah has likely seen the TV commercials and the billboards for Andrew The Home Buyer. Today, you’ll get a glimpse of the man who created the company that keeps growing year after year.

Kyle Wyloge is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Andrew the Home Buyer. After several years of grinding in real estate and building his sales team, he decided to create a TV commercial in 2019. This became a pivotal moment in their growth and marketing strategy with more leads coming to them versus the outbound sales model. Fast forward to today, Kyle has scaled the business to where he could purchase 318 properties last year without speaking to a single seller.

In our conversation, you’ll hear how valuable it was to get started before the recession in 2008, how they use CRM to forecast future sales with a scoreboard for sales results in real-time, and why saunas and cold plunges have elevated the culture they’ve built, reduced stress and fosters a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Key takeaways:

  • The monumental decision to create a TV commercial as part of their marketing strategy.
  • How their process was streamlined to make selling a home simple for homeowners.
  • How increasing their inbound call answer rate to 94-96% led to more appointments and closed deals.
  • Create the culture you want by listening to feedback and suggestions that incentivizes your team and allows them to thrive.
  • The impact that elections have on the cost of marketing with TV commercials.
  • The incredible results sauna and cold plunges have on reducing stress and building culture within the team.

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