Helping Small Businesses Build a Powerful Marketing Funnel

Building online businesses is tough–and closing that first deal can make or break your business. So many of us have been there, but today’s guest found a way through–and he’s here to talk about how he did it.

Brian is the co-founder of Rotive, a Salesforce partner that helps small businesses automate their processes through the power of Sales Cloud & Pardot. Brian started with Salesforce in his college days, working in sales and eventually becoming an account executive.

In today’s episode, we get into how Brian positioned himself, with a unique focus on YouTube, to become an expert in the Salesforce space–and how you can use the same tactics to become an online expert in your field as you grow (or scale) your business.

Key takeaways:

  • What Brian learned from Salesforce’s sales-forward corporate culture.
  • How Brian broke through the noise to find his first clients after launching Rotive.
  • How to incorporate YouTube into a marketing funnel to reach prospects.
  • The tools Brian used to help Rotive cultivate authority in his niche.
  • Why a relatively small YouTube channel can still drive extremely high-quality leads–and why Brian has chosen to sell video courses instead of trying to succeed by monetizing his content on YouTube.

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