The Health Savings Account - Maximize Your Tax Benefits with this Powerhouse Retirement Account

As planners, advisors, and CPAs, we all know that the Health Savings Account is the best retirement account out there. If you’re not contributing to one, you need to ask yourself - or your financial planner - why not, especially if you’re a high income individual or a business owner.

The HSA is the only retirement account that offers the triple whammy of tax deduction, tax deferral, and tax free withdrawals - and there are many ways you can use it that aren’t simply as a healthcare slush fund.

If you and your family qualify, there are likely surprising ways that you can take tax-free distributions. You can also quickly grow an HSA if you’re just now starting one, and though there are a couple of caveats, there is basically no reason not to make an HSA a major part of your retirement portfolio.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • What you need as an individual or a family in order to qualify for an HSA.
  • Why the HSA is the Cadillac of retirement plans - and how it is uniquely built to offer a tax deduction, tax deferrals, and tax free withdrawals.
  • Common mistakes people make when using HSAs - and how to best use the HSA to maximize its growth.
  • What you can use the HSA for beyond a simple slush fund.
  • How the HSA changes - and what you can use your HSA for - after you turn 65.

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