Gamifying the Stock Market to Teach Young Investors with Myles Gage

One of the issues with our current education system is that we aren’t teaching students about personal finance and investing.

So how can we develop and improve financial literacy, especially among younger students? From learning how to invest, understanding the basics of the stock market, and how to effectively save money, it can be pretty overwhelming.

My guest today is Myles Gage. He’s an entrepreneur who has been teaching young people about these topics for years. He’s one of the co-founders of Rapunzl Investments–a mobile app aimed to help individuals learn about investing and build confidence before they start purchasing investments on their own.

In today’s conversation, Myles and I talk about how students can become more financially literate, how his unique educational experience immersed him in the world of finance from a very young age, and the work he’s doing now to empower Gen Z.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why schools should be teaching personal finance, economics, and investing.
  • How Myles got to meet Joe Mansueto, Warren Buffett, and other titans of finance early in his life.
  • How meme stocks, Reddit, and the COVID pandemic reinforced the importance of financial literacy.
  • Why Rapunzl is unlikely to ever become a full-service brokerage, a la Robinhood–and why Myles sees that as a good thing.
  • Myles’ advice for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy right now.

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