Embracing Authenticity & Fearless Entrepreneurship with Shannon Breen

Making the entrepreneurial leap and leaving Corporate America to create your own business is more than a leap of faith. Most new business owners face trials and tribulations along the way. But those who stick with it and believe in themselves can achieve the growth that makes them a success story worth celebrating. 

Today’s guest is Shannon Breen, and he has a success story that is definitely worth celebrating. Shannon is the Co-CEO and founder of FreightVana, a digital logistics partner powered by technology and built on trust and transparency. 

In this conversation, Shannon tells the story of how he fell in love with logistics, the two core components that have led to rapid and exponential business growth, and the power of building a great culture with employees who are empowered to be authentic on social media.

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Key takeaways:

  • What makes the logistics industry so uniquely fragmented and complicated.
  • Why Shannon took the entrepreneurial leap and left corporate America.
  • The importance of trust, transparency and authenticity in a company with a great culture.
  • Why some people can launch their company as a side business, why Shannon needed to go all-in, and why so many entrepreneurs fail to event ake the first step. 
  • Shannon’s advice on creating a thriving company culture and the benefits of empowering staff to be authentic at home and at work.

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