How to Focus on Your Health in Difficult Times with Dr. Jen Hartstein

Like never before in our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic has us facing the same challenges, no matter who we are or where we live. Virtually everything about how we live and work has been changed by the pandemic, and it can be harder than ever to feel like you have control over your life.

For years, Dr. Jen Hartstein has been helping people get and stay on track. She’s a New York City based mental health specialist, a contributor to Yahoo News with past appearances on Today and Dr. Oz, and the author of Princess Recovery: A How-to Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can Create Their Own Happily Ever Afters.

Today, Jen joins the podcast to talk about what you can do to take back control, break through the noise, and focus on your physical and mental health during tough times. We can’t control what the pandemic will look like, but we can control what we eat, our rest, and how we feel.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why we benefit from predictability and routine - and how to create a new routine that serves you amidst this upheaval.
  • The reason it’s so easy to burn out taking care of everyone but yourself - and what to do about it.
  • What makes “social distancing” such a bad term - and how it negatively impacts our mental health.
  • How to connect with kids who have been stuck at home since schools closed and parents who still may not be taking the health risks of COVID-19 seriously.
  • Why obsessing over the news isn’t always a good use of your time - and how to do a digital detox.
  • Risk factors to look out for in your families, your clients, and yourself.

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