Challenges, Choices, and Triumphs: An Aussie's American Dream in Arizona with Adrian Heyman

Building a successful career in an incredibly competitive real estate market doesn’t happen by accident, especially when your area of expertise is luxury residential real estate. Today’s guest has climbed to the top and is recognized as one of Arizona’s top real estate advisors. As you’ll hear, tremendous success doesn’t happen without developing great partnerships and long-term relationships.

Adrian Heyman is a Real Estate Advisor at The Agency, a luxury real estate firm in Scottsdale, AZ. Adrian was The Agency’s top-producing agent from 2018-2021 and reclaimed the title in 2023. In addition to succeeding in Arizona’s real estate markets, he’s also passionate about the Surfrider Foundation and has built a thriving 25-year partnership with his wife.

In this conversation, Adrian shares the story of how he came from Australia’s fitness industry to American real estate, how he achieved success in an incredibly competitive industry with a very high failure rate, and what lies ahead in Arizona’s hot luxury real estate market. 

Key takeaways:

  • How Adrian kept his business growing and his family stable even through brutal market downturns and cross-continental moves. 
  • How a huge real estate deal in Paradise Valley in 2017 changed the trajectory of Adrian’s career. 
  • The critical mistakes Adrian sees homeowners and agent advisors make that stop them from getting top dollar. 
  • How technology has transformed the landscape for home buyers and sellers.
  • Factors that attract high-end homebuyers to the Paradise Valley. 

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