A Digital Marketing Strategy to Rank on Google and Position Yourself as an Industry Leader!

Why is it that some websites rank on page #1 of Google, while others (that look seemingly great) fail to get attention and attract an ideal audience? Today, you’re going to find out!

I’m speaking with Sagi Shilo, Founder of Purely Branded, a boutique web design company focused on delivering digital marketing and branding solutions for business owners. Sagi is also a successful YouTuber (Tech Gear Talk) who truly understands the digital marketing landscape.

What I love is that Sagi’s team took the time to really dig into our business and identify the key areas for improvement. And the results have been awesome!

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  1. The biggest digital marketing mistakes entrepreneurs are making and how you can avoid and/or fix them!
  2. A 6-part SEO framework to improve your Google website ranking, increase credibility and position yourself as an industry expert.
  3. Learn how to tap into the power of video so you can generate leads and turn prospects into buyers.

Is your website helping to positioning you as an authority and attracting your ideal target audience? If not...

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