010: PR For Business Owners—How To Get Your Message Out To The World

As you grow your firm, there’s a very good chance that you will eventually need to reach out to your community—or the whole world—in order to find great clients.

That’s where PR comes in, and few people know more about PR than Alana Kohl. After working for a Fortune 500 company and a career in corporate finance, she used her know-how and talent to succeed in large-scale national marketing campaigns to build AdvisorPR in 2005.

Alana is known for innovative, all-inclusive marketing communications programs designed to help her clients stand out in a crowded field and become prominent voices in their communities. We spoke about what exactly PR entails, when and why financial advisors need it, creative ways to reach your prospects, and much more.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  1. Common myths and notions that many business owners have about PR—and putting together a strategic plan to get your message out into the world.
  2. How to prepare for your first live TV appearance.
  3. What Business Owners can do to stay relevant and on-message—even in a cluttered social media landscape.

Discover how building your company is about more than just generating leads! CLICK HERE to download Alana’s whitepaper, “Define, Support, Promote and Capture Your Way to a Successful Financial Advisory Firm.

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