035: Mastering the Art of Social Media Marketing with Natalie Speers

Natalie Speers discussing social media marketing

10 years ago, the term “social media” barely existed. Now, for almost every entrepreneur, social media marketing has completely changed how business is done online. Running effective campaigns isn’t simple, and there are a remarkable number of platforms, strategies, and thoughts on how best to connect with and convert audiences.

Natalie Speers is the founder of SocialAlly® Media, a full-service digital marketing agency located here in Scottsdale. She helps business owners create an online presence and voice for their companies and foster authentic relationships with their audiences – the core of social media marketing, no matter what platform you’re working on. 

Today, Natalie joins the podcast to share powerful strategies for landing more appointments, closing more sales, and building a sustainable, scalable business, using highly effective platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram Stories.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • How Natalie built a powerful, highly effective system for promoting events using MySpace – and how it shaped her career for years to come. 
  • Why certain social networks fail over time – and the unique, relevant demographics that current social media platforms provide. 
  • Why social media constantly changes – and why you have to stay ahead of the curve in order to have continued success.
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make when they attempt to break into social media marketing.
  • The hard lessons Natalie has learned by building and growing her business – and the hurdles entrepreneurs face on the road to real success.


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