048: How to Lead Your Team Through Difficult Times with Gina Rainey


To say that we’re living in interesting and unpredictable times is an understatement. For business owners and leaders, this is especially true.

However, no matter what industry you’re in, or what you do, there’s still no tool more powerful than a team that’s ahead of you and allows you to focus on your unique ability. They give us the power to grow our businesses without giving up even more of our time and to see our visions through. 

Gina Rainey understands this better than almost anyone. She’s the leader of AE Coach at Advisors Excel, where she specializes in “total practice management.” She helps advisors bridge the gap between leaders and their employees, and has helped countless businesses struggling with a lack of structure and high turnover become high-performing organizations. 

Today, Gina joins the podcast to share what business owners can do right now to lead their companies, be the person that their employees look to, and get through these (and other) difficult times together. 

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • How coaches and practice management can help businesses survive – and thrive – in times of chaos. 
  • Why so many phenomenal business owners are not great managers or team leaders – and how this creates problems as businesses scale. 
  • Why entrepreneurs can thrive in crisis, why employees often feel the exact opposite way, and how to empower and support your team members as circumstances change. 
  • How the job search and recruiting processes have changed over the last 6 months – and how to find qualified people in a massive pool of job seekers.
  • What leaders can do to set up and structure effective weekly meetings when teams are working remotely.
  • What COVID can teach us about planning our own businesses – not just our clients’. 

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