043: How the Stimulus Plan will Affect Your Retirement Accounts with Ed Slott

Ed Slott IRA taxes CARES act andrew Rafal

Congress just passed the biggest stimulus bill of our lifetime. The CARES [“Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security] Act is a massive bill of all bills, totaling in the trillions of dollars, and it’s going to have significant impacts on us as business owners and individuals as we work together to get through this tough time. 

Today, I want to address the big questions you may have about the bill: how will it affect your retirement, and what’s in there for you as an individual? 

To help you make sense of the chaos, weed through the noise, and take advantage of what the government is doing to prop up the economy, I’m thrilled to bring back my good friend and mentor Ed Slott, President of Ed Slott and Company. Ed is one of the best sources for IRA advice, someone I’ve known for over a decade, and a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal

In this emergency episode of Your Wealth & Beyond, we dig into how the CARES act will affect your 401(k) and IRAs, the updated rules concerning deadlines, contributions, and required minimum distributions, and the potential issues you and your financial advisor should discuss in the weeks and months to come.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • What you can do with the fact that required minimum distributions have been waived for 2020 – and strategies you can use if you already took your required minimum distributions for this year. 
  • Why Ed hopes no one uses the relief provisions allowing people to take early distributions “penalty-free” from retirement plans or IRAs. 
  • What the extended filing and payment date of July 15 means for paying your taxes and making contributions to your ROTH IRA, IRA and Health Savings Account, as well as the messy twist that individuals who pay estimated taxes need to be aware of. 
  • Why health savings accounts still offer the opportunity to break even on taxes right now. 
  • Why you may want to take advantage of qualified charitable distributions even though there are no RMDs this year to bring down your overall

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