008: Accounting Done Differently—A Streamlined Approach to Knowing Your Numbers and Growing Your Business

Few people live and breathe accounting like Liz Mason.

She graduated college early and got her CPA by the age of 22, then spent several years in the corporate world. During this time, she learned how to automate some of the most grueling tasks that occupied so many accountants’ time, then discovered her vision to make people truly enjoy – rather than dread – accounting.

At High Rock Accounting, Liz was one of the first to move her clients into the cloud, creating solutions designed to make their numbers correct from the moment they’re entered – not when they’re fixed at tax time. Today, she joins the podcast to talk about her unique journey, how to find your perfect accountant, and tools to make your life exponentially easier.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why the relationship between business and accountant is often adversarial—and how Liz envisioned a better way to do things
  • Tools your business can use to make managing cash flow, bill payments, and other aspects of your day-to-day operation much easier
  • Why High Rock is benefiting from unconventional marketing – and ways you can succeed by marketing differently

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