How to Work Full Time and Create a Second Income

Are you making a comfortable salary at work but would love to earn more money each month? Or, are you passionate about something and want to find a way to monetize your passion?

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been cheaper to start a business.

If you have a family, work full-time, and have a side business, life can get busy. But, if you are committed to your side project you can make it work with adequate planning.

Here are 5 tips on how to work full-time and create another income stream.

1. Schedule Your Time
When you have a full-time job it can seem daunting to find time for a side hustle — but to be successful you have to be a great time manager. Start by spending 5-10 minutes each night creating a game plan for the next day.

Let’s say you work 7-4 or 8-5 — what are you doing the rest of the night? Decide if you are going to spend time before work, at lunch, after work, or late in the evenings. I’ve found that if it doesn’t get scheduled, it usually doesn’t happen.

Be ultra-specific and figure out when you will create time to work on your business the following day.

2. Wake Up Earlier
If you really want to make your business work you have to be fully committed. Sometimes this will mean waking up early. The morning is a great time to work on something that matters to you as you are the most refreshed and creative early in the day.

Plus, getting up before the rest of the world is the most interrupted time of the day!

3. Do The Hard Things First
How often do you know what you need to do at work or at home but procrastinate until lunch…then the end of the day…until it never got completed? Stop procrastinating and do the hardest things first.

By completing the hardest tasks first you will build confidence, create momentum, and start each day strong. Use this philosophy as soon as you get to work as well.

4. Take Advantage of PTO
Depending on your job, you might have a ton of saved paid time off. If you have extra time off and need a day off to recharge, schedule some time for your business as well. This could be doing more time-intensive tasks, meeting with partners, or attending a conference to meet new people.

5. Be Fully Committed
If you’re working full-time and want to build a business on the side, you will have to be 100% committed. While it might feel like a lot some days, remember why you started. It could be to pay for your kid’s college, take your business full-time, or provide a better life for your family.

As long as you are committed to your new way of life and have fun doing it, keep going!

Working full-time and having a side hustle is not the easy route in life. You will be busy. But if you know why you’re doing it and keep your goals in mind, you can figure out how to make it work.

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