Bayntree’s Top 10 Greatest Hits

Bayntree’s Top 10 Greatest Hits

Our most widely read blogs offer an array of financial tips, so listen up!

When it comes to becoming financially savvy and set for retirement, knowledge and planning are key. The more information you have, the more prepared you can be. Here at Bayntree, we focus on creating solutions tailored to clients’ needs as well as educating as many families as possible to ensure that financial health is understood and applied in everyday decisions. Check out some of our most-read blogs for financial tips to help navigate through life.


Four Life Events That Require Financial Guidance
While financial guidance is helpful at all stages of life, there are specific times when seeking financial advice can make or break the entire course of your future. Sometimes going it alone just does not make sense.

4 Surprising Habits of Millionaires
What do you think of when you hear that someone is a millionaire? You might be thinking of expensive cars, private jets and endless vacations. But that all-too-common profile is misleading, as millionaires reach that level with a far less glamorous lifestyle. These four surprising habits of millionaires might help set you up for success.

Are You in the Retirement Red Zone?
The “retirement red zone” extends roughly five years before retirement and five years after. It is an important phase of life that can be both exciting and challenging. How much risk should your investments have and how much should you set aside for healthcare? Understanding the risks and mistakes to avoid in the retirement red zone is critical.

How to Raise Financially Responsible Children
Children start to develop habits about money earlier than you might think. Teaching kids about spending and saving early on can truly determine whether they will be financially secure and successful or will be struggling to make ends meet. Expert and founder of The Money Mammals, John Lanza, shares how parents can start teaching children early about money to avoid making financial mistakes in the earlier, critical stages of life.

How to Build an Essential Emergency Fund
An emergency fund is your safety net for when expenses arise that are out of your control. Having one eases the stress of the unexpected. You should have access to three to six months of cash and knowing how to build your essential emergency fund is a key to covering medical other expenses that pop up out of nowhere and send you scrambling for cash.

4 Ways to Invest in Yourself to Earn More Money
Taking some of the focus off of traditional investments like stocks and real estate to invest in yourself and earn more is easier said than done. But there are some shifts you can make in choices and habits that can go a long way toward your net worth. A mindset that supports ongoing self-investing is important and use these tips to learn how to invest in yourself and earn more money.

Roth 401k vs. Traditional 401k
There are many potential advantages to 401k plans, including tax-deferred growth and employer matching contributions. However, understanding all of the different options can be daunting. Do you know the difference between a traditional 401k and a Roth 401k, and whether you should use one or both as part of your retirement strategy?

How Much House Can You Afford?
It’s important to know all the factors involved with the largest purchase you will likely ever make in your lifetime – your home. Questions such as, “what is the 28/36 rule?” and “why does debt-to-income ratio matter?” are necessary for a realistic view of your overall financial situation. Before you even begin house-hunting, determine how much house you can afford.

Best 5 Pieces of Money Advice from Billionaire Warren Buffet
Learning valuable tips from the most well-known investor of all time has to sound intriguing. Warren Buffet insists the key to wealth is taking some “simple” steps, such as figuring out a way to create a passive income stream and making sure to manage your lifestyle. There’s no reason not to take this important money advice from Warren Buffett.

Your 4-Step Checklist When Choosing a Financial Advisor
Having a professional create your right financial plan is important, but choosing the right financial advisor can be even more important. Just like any relationship, not everyone is the right match. With many options for financial advice available today, learn how to choose the right financial professional for your needs.


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