The Heartful Retirement, Your Journey to What Matters Most

The dilemma has always been, and continues to be: How do you ensure you'll have the financial resources required without downplaying the importance of the non-financial or emotional aspects, such as health, relationships, emotional well-being and personal growth and purpose. Discover the six keys to getting started on your personal journey to a heartful retirement, so that you can plan for and embrace all facets of our retirement years with ease and grace. 


About the Authors

Andrew Rafal is a nationally recognized retirement planning expert and founder of financial planning firm Bayntree Wealth Advisors. Andrew is also a co-author of Climbing the Retirement Mountain and has dedicated his career to creating holistic financial plans to help his clients realize their retirement dreams.

Melissa L. Hart is a certified Life Transition Coach and founder of The Hart of Change. With over 25 years in the HR world, Melissa thrives on helping her clients "up-level" their lives and gain greater clarity and confidence on their journey. She is also an integrative wellness practioner, and incorporates mind-body wellness modalities in her practice, with an authentic and heart-centered approach.

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